About the point
Register customers to shop website for you that puts the points depending on the amount of use. 3% of the purchase amount is granted as a point. Points expiration is 1 year from the last point has been granted. Deadline not validity period has expired you can earn new points.

Points are granted on a product price minus the minutes using the point by using the point upon payment.
Example) using 300 points at 2000 yen, 2,000 yen-300 points = 1700 yen ← points are granted to the amount.

Split point as if individual points are granted to products in a number of products, points to point discount for each product.

Rule for each point

Service nameNumber of points grantedGrant timing
Member registration point 500 points When the goods are shipped first order
Order point 3% of the order amount
Points for each product will be individual product points
When the goods ordered are shipped
Review points 100 points When the review was posted has been approved

Use points
If you specify the number of points to be used at checkout when you purchase the can pull the split point. Must be logged in to shop.

The check points
Overlook point history my account page after logging in, a number of current points.

About the points of the individual products
Points are granted to each individual product. Grants the specified products each point is preferred.